Civil Infrastructure

Matcon manages its construction sites across each development phase starting from demolition of existing structures through remediation, excavation and shoring, underground services, and slab preparation

Comprehensive Project Management and Design Capabilities

Our infrastructure and utilities division has the estimating, management, and construction experience to complete any civil construction or land development project. This includes preload installation and removal, storm and sanitary sewers, water supply mains, road works, reinforced concrete, retaining walls, streetlights and general earthworks. We offer a full in-house service where we can manage sites from the initial phase of existing building demolition, through the contamination remediation, shoring and excavation, before completing the underground services and slab preparation work and handing the site over to the building contractor.

Site Preparation

We excel when raw land is provided to Matcon. We have the ability to liaise with qualified environmental personnel to commence with clearing operations, erosion & siltation control implementation & various drainage requirements. The equipment we have acquired allows us to be successful in bulk earth moving within any time frame.

Sewer & Water

Our team has extensive experience to properly execute the management & construction of all storm, sanitary & watermain installations both onsite & offsite. From subdivisions to mainlines on busy city streets, Matcon has the capability to do it all.

Electrical Communications

Matcon is highly skilled when it comes to the implementation & installation of BC Hydro, Telus, Shaw, Fortis Energy & streetlighting specifications & design. By working closely with all third party agencies, we have developed a long standing relationship to deliver a successful project outcome.


Our road crews have the ability to perform everything from the excavation & grading works to curbing & asphalting. There is no concrete project too large that Matcon cannot engage with.

Special Projects

Matcon actively tackles special projects whether in remote or high security areas that require the synchronous engagement of our engineering and environmental divisions.

Industrial & Mining

Our Civil team has experience in providing management services related to heavy industrial sectors and managing the construction of tailings ponds, access roads, land reclamation, overburden removal, hazardous material transport and much more.

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