We trust our people and our people trust us and it is this foundational belief that makes Matcon an incredible company to work with.

If you are a client; you will see that we are experts at what we do.

If you are a future team member, you will be inspired by how knowledgeable our team is and how willing we are to teach.  We build beyond all expectation in every facet of our business.


We know that each situation will present unique challenges, but our willingness to constantly learn and grow from past jobs, and lean on and team members and leaders within our company and industry, prepares us and reinforces our skillsets.


Our actions and decisions are meticulously thought out. When we take action, our game plan is clear, and we confidently rely on our team and leadership to execute. Our people, our our family and our practices share this mindset.


Our embodiment of creativity leads us to discover new ways of interacting, engaging and leading within our industry. Ideas are catalysts for opportunity; be it better methods of execution, ways to grow from situations, or being seen in a new light. We are defined by our behaviour.

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We Build Community!

Our opportunity to lead the industry begins with how we work together.

We are uniting the Family of Companies and Divisions with a common language, creating leadership opportunities, developing an inclusive and industry leading on-boarding program. This is just the beginning. Our potential is limitless and together, we truly can build our world.

Safety Culture

At Matcon every employee sews and tows a common thread of safety.
Cultivating and fostering an environment that inspires everyone to talk to each other about health and safety is what we all enthusiastically share in.

Through a high level of collaboration and accountability, Matcon experiences a genuine commitment from all its personnel that looking out for one another is a natural and intrinsic value that is entrusted from ownership to the field.  

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From Labourer to Leader

We are strong believers that it is a lot better for the entire industry if we harness those who are passionate about being apart of something and growing together, versus just accepting labourers to fill a spot. We are passionately developing and investing in a new way to educate our workforce and enable them to move up in the organization. Let's develop leaders from within.

Building Beyond Expectation

It isn't enough for us to settle with just completing a job to an industry standard. It is about setting the bar high in all aspects of our business. From how we treat our team members, to how we communicate with our partners, to how we deliver a finished product to our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to build beyond all expectations and lead this industry from within.

Environmental Responsibility

We are a future-focused business; fostering sustainability and mitigating our environmental impact are central to our day to day thinking.  

From operating in compliance with environmental legislation to striving to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices we continue to develop methods to ensure a safe and healthy work place and world for our employees, community and clients.