Safe People over Swift Profits.  

Safety is the most important success indicator we measure and it is Matcon's goal to achieve and maintain HSE excellence by embedding strategies, policies, and standards that promote the safety of our personnel, contractors, and the general public throughout all our business activities.

Personal Safety Protecting Yourself

The ongoing success of the Matcon Health and Safety program is evident in the significant improvements in both our Lagging and Leading Safety indicators across Matcon site operations. Matcon’s goal is a Zero Harm to personnel and the environment.

On Site Safety
Protecting Each Other

Matcon maintains a safe workplace by relentlessly putting our HSE through the rigours of quality control. This level of safety quality is achieved by educating our workers, measuring ongoing performance, reviewing systems and programs and setting continuous improvement targets to ensure that we are leaders in safety and work execution in our industry.

Company Wide Safety

Weekly inspections validating the standards and policies are conducted, along with field audits by senior managers to ensure the program is functioning as required. In addition, Matcon holds a monthly Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) meeting, which involves employees from all of Matcon’s divisions


Safety is ours to own, and only through a high level of care, attention, collaboration and inclusiveness can we champion an environment of health and safety

Steph St Laurent,
Vice President Health & Safety │ Human Resources

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The Matcon HSE management system mirror both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management system standards for quality assurance and implementation support. Matcon is also COR™ certified (Certificate of Recognition).


All senior management is required to provide a leading role towards constant HSE improvement through:

The Matcon HSE Director is responsible as the custodian for the content, administration and maintenance of this HSE Standard Element.

It is the responsibility of the Matcon Business Unit and Division to ensure that these Polices are implemented within their respective Business Unit.

Each Project Manager, Supervisor and Foremen are responsible to make sure that these Polices are implemented on their project.

Evolution of Safety

All Matcon Polices are designed to contribute towards promoting value-driven HSE and work Quality leadership by personalizing commitment and demonstrating HSE and work Quality as an organizational core value. Matcon believes that strong and visible management leadership is critical for promoting a culture conducive to reducing risks and improving the HSE performance of health, safety and environment throughout the company’s operation