Deep Foundations

Whether an open site or inside an existing structure, Matcon's proficiency of deep foundation techniques enables us to provide the most technically thorough solution.

Your solution for challenging foundations

Deep foundations such as deep secant pile shoring systems or hybrid cut-off retaining wall systems are becoming increasingly large and complex. Matcon offers a large range of solutions to meet a recent trend of technically challenging sites in addition to conventional shoring techniques.

Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is a ground improvement method that mixes cement with insitu soil using high pressure air and/or water to form ‘soilcrete’. Jet grouting is generally used for excavation shoring, underpinning, and as a hydraulic barrier. Recent local applications include cut-off shoring walls.

Slurry Trench

Slurry Trench is a soil improvement technique used for construction of non-structural, impervious cut-off walls mainly for environmental and hydraulic purposes. A Slurry Trench is constructed by excavating a continuous trench using an excavator, typically under a bentonite slurry to keep the trench open. The trench is later filled with a blended mix of soil-bentonite or soil-cement-bentonite.The complete wall acts as an impervious barrier to lateral flow of water or/and most pollutants.


Grouting is a soil or rock improvement process used in many types of construction and structures including buildings, bridges, excavations and dams. The grouting process consists of filling (with or without pressure) the natural voids in the soil or rock with cementitious or chemical grouts, with the purpose of increasing its strength and reducing its permeability.

Ground Anchors

Ground anchors are neat cementitious grouted, typically prestressed tendons installed into soil/rock. These elements are utilized in systems to support or tie-down retaining walls, slopes, or buildings in either a temporary or permanent time period.


Shotcrete is concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. Shotcrete undergoes placement and compaction at the same time through the force with which it is projected from the nozzle. It can be impacted onto any type or shape of surface including vertical or overhead areas. Carbon steel bars for reinforcing concrete, welded wire steel mesh, synthetic fibre, and/or fibre-reinforced plastic are used to reinforce shotcrete. Advantages of shotcrete are reduced manpower, minimal formwork, economical compared to conventional concrete methods in some applications, fast strength gains allow work to proceed multiple times faster, elevated, ease of use in tight or confined spaces.

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