Our Story

Our vision is simple; to solve complex construction problems and provide fully integrated solutions all while enabling and developing a safe and sustainable workplace.  

To do that, we unite our service divisions and develop a singular language, embracing a culture of growth and leadership opportunity, (From Labourer to Leader), to drive better outcomes across safety, team satisfaction and overall efficiency.  

This commitment and respect are interwoven into the fabric of Matcon’s corporate culture, embraced at the executive level and applied across the organization to all employees and contractors. It is reflected in Matcon’s growth strategy and is a key pillar in our commitment to corporate responsibility.


Our Past

Adam Heath & Stephen Jungaro met in 1995 while working together at a Civil Construction Company.  They dreamt that they would one day run their own company, and in 2002 Matcon Excavation & Shoring Ltd. was incorporated with the founding partners of Matcon Civil Constructors.

Originally specializing in Excavation and Shotcrete Shoring projects, they expanded their technology base in 2004 to add Jet Grouting to meet the requirements of the more complex project soils that were being encountered.  

By 2006, Heath and Jungaro were the sole owners of Matcon and started down the long road to where we are today.  

From our head office in Coquitlam, British Columbia, we have grown and expanded to be able to deliver quality work throughout Canada.

We are committed to working with our clients and partners to provide safe, cost-effective, and efficient solutions from Excavation & Shoring, Civil Infrastructure to Demolition, Environmental and Rock Stabilization.

As a privately-held and family-oriented business, we believe that our people are our most important assets.

Our first priority is the continued commitment to the safety of our workers and the environmental stewardship of the communities that they live and work in.  

Our Present

Our Future