Excavation & Shoring

Matcon is an industry leading service provider of excavation and shoring to the residential, commercial and industrial market. Providing bulk/detail excavation, conventional shotcrete shoring, secant pile shoring walls and cut-off walls.

Excavation is what we are known for

Matcon is an industry leader in residential and commercial bulk excavations in Western Canada. Our fleet of excavators and experienced crews ensure work is completed on time regardless of the ground and weather conditions.

Bulk / Detail Excavation

Bulk excavations involves the removal of large amounts of soil, rock, or other material from site, in preparation for a construction project. Detail excavation includes the excavation for foundations, mechanical trenches and utilities.

Conventional Shotcrete Shoring

Shotcrete shoring consists of soil or rock anchors with a shotcrete facing that can be used for vertical excavations or for slope stabilization measures. Shotcrete is a high velocity application of concrete onto a vertical or overhead surface. The impact of the concrete against the target surface creates an excellent bond and is much easier to apply to complex forms and shapes compared to traditional concrete placement.

Secant Pile Shoring Walls

A Secant Piled Wall is a retaining wall constructed for ground retention prior to excavation. The wall is formed by constructing alternating primary (female) and secondary (male) piles where the secondary piles partially cut into either side of the primary piles in order to form a continuous impervious structure.

Cut-off Walls

Cut-off Walls are generally impervious underground walls excavated from the surface, usually to create barriers to avoid and contain seepages.

Seismic Anchors & Micropiles

Drilled Micropiles (DMPs or mini-piles) are high capacity, small diameter, drilled deep foundation elements that are used to support new foundations or to underpin existing foundations. Drilled Micropiles commonly consist of combinations of steel casing, threaded bar, and grout.


From the operation, management and administration of environmental and geotechnical standards to the placement and excavation of over 1,000,000m3 of soil per year, Matcon is your provider of economical and sustainably sound disposal.

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