We are avidly looking for people to be apart of our fast growing company!

People who are excited to learn, be challenged and thrive at a company whose focus is developing future leaders. Whether you’re a veteran to the industry or just starting your career, your contributions will be valued and your hard work will be rewarded.

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Heavy Equipment Operator

As a Heavy Equipment Operator it is crucial to be meticulous at your work. Staying updated on certifications and training, working safely, and meeting project deadlines should always be the top priority. Operators should also be well adapted to all types of adverse conditions such as extreme weather, project schedules, congested work spaces, etc.

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Matcon is actively seeking Drillers who are experienced in all aspects of construction. It is extremely important to work closely with the foreman and crew, as well as preform routine inspections and pre-trips to ensure the equipment is well cared for. Safety should be a great concern in this position, as other heavy equipment work is done in close proximity. Drilling work can be physically demanding, you will need the ability to carry 50lbs, stand for long periods of time and the ability to withstand all weather conditions.

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Matcon is seeking Labourer's that possess a positive “can do” attitude. It is beneficial for workers to have experience using hand tools, capability to sit or stand for long periods; handle and manipulate objects on a repetitive basis, and ensure all tasks completed safely. Workers must have the ability and willingness to work in all types of adverse conditions such as extreme weather.

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Matcon is actively seeking Nozzlemen who are experienced in all aspects of Shoring and Shotcrete construction. Having good leadership skills, the ability to help direct the work of others and make quick decisions are necessary when stepping into this role. Nozzlemen should have a good understanding of how a shotcrete pump works and be able to give clear signals to the operator. A Nozzlemen's work is physically challenging, so it is required that you are fit and can manage the demands of the job.

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Senior Foreman

We are looking for a competent Construction Foreman to coordinate operations and oversee workers at our construction sites. As the point of reference of both workers and supervisors, you will be a key person for the completion of our projects.

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Project Manager

Construction project manager plan, organize, and direct the activities of construction project's, under the direction of a Division Manager. You will be responsible for the large scope of project operations, and building strong relationships with clients.

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