We are avidly looking for people to be apart of our fast growing company!

People who are excited to learn, be challenged and thrive at a company whose focus is developing future leaders. Whether you’re a veteran to the industry or just starting your career, your contributions will be valued and your hard work will be rewarded.

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Heavy Equipment Operator

As a Heavy Equipment Operator it is crucial to be meticulous at your work. Staying updated on certifications and training, working safely, and meeting project deadlines should always be the top priority. Operators should also be well adapted to all types of adverse conditions such as extreme weather, project schedules, congested work spaces, etc.

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Project Coordinator

Construction project coordinators plan, organize, and direct the activities of a construction project, under the direction of a general manager. You will work on-site most of the time, looking after the day-to-day responsibilities of the project.

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Matcon is actively seeking Drillers who are experienced in all aspects of construction. It is extremely important to work closely with the foreman and crew, as well as preform routine inspections and pre-trips to ensure the equipment is well cared for. Safety should be a great concern in this position, as other heavy equipment work is done in close proximity. Drilling work can be physically demanding, you will need the ability to carry 50lbs, stand for long periods of time and the ability to withstand all weather conditions.

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A construction foreman has a solid background in the field. Your leadership skills and your extensive experience have earned you the ability to direct the work of others and make quick decisions. You must be well-organized and favor safety above everything else.

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Pipe Layer

Pipe Layers main responsibilities are to help the foreman and crew to align, position, and install pipe in accordance with project specifications. Once the pipe has been properly installed, the Pipe Layer should help the operator ensure back fill and compaction around pipe is done efficiently for the positioning and support of the installed pipe. Pipe Layers should be comfortable in confined spaces, always work safely around utilities, promote a safe work environment adhering to safety policies and procedures including participation in daily safety meetings.

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Matcon is looking for Grademen who are proficient in their use of survey instruments to establish correct grade for construction projects with the ability to read plans. Must be mathematically inclined to accurately complete many functions of the job.

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