Civil Infrastructure

W.A.C. Bennett Dam

Excavate and build a pad for the WAC Bennett Dam backup generator

BC Hydro
Hudson's Hope

Matcon, under the Civil Infrastructure division, was tasked with excavating and constructing a pad for the backup generator at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam. The project involves various activities such as rock excavation, trenching for duct bank installation, concrete pouring with rebar placement for slab and duct bank, construction of retaining walls, building a haul road, lock block wall construction, and installation of site fencing and barriers for security purposes.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Remote Location: The project is situated in a remote area of Hudson's Hope, posing logistical challenges due to limited access and transportation difficulties.
  2. Material Procurement: Obtaining necessary materials proved challenging due to the project's remote location, requiring meticulous planning and coordination.
  3. Time Constraints: Harsh winter weather conditions in Northern BC imposed time constraints, necessitating efficient scheduling and execution to meet project deadlines.
  4. Specialized Tasks: Matcon specializes in various tasks critical to the project's success, including rock excavation, concrete pouring, retaining wall construction, and site security setup.
  5. Client Collaboration: Working closely with BC Hydro, Matcon ensures adherence to project specifications and timelines to meet the client's requirements effectively.

Despite the project's unique challenges, Matcon's expertise and collaborative approach aim to successfully deliver the W.A.C. Bennett Dam Backup Generator Pad, enhancing the facility's reliability and resilience in power generation.