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A construction foreman has a solid background in the field. Your leadership skills and your extensive experience have earned you the ability to direct the work of others and make quick decisions. You must be well-organized and favor safety above everything else.

Foreman responsibilities include:

  • Ensure work is being undertaken safely. Get crew to believe in and implement safety system.
  • COMMUNICATE; problems, site instructions, stripping depths, observations, incidents, contract conditions.
  • Complete work on budget, on schedule, and to required level of quality (right first time)
  • Ensure BC1 call is up to date and laid out with grademan, pipelayer, and operator.
  • Maximize safe production. Check against daily budget.
  • Stay on site, get out of truck, get out of office.
  • Ensure quality work. Ensure asbuilts done daily.
  • Timesheet completion and in on time. DEWS.
  • Plan ahead 1 week. Ensure all materials on site for next 2-3 days at least.
  • Ask PM if not sure on contract conditions. Know drawings in detail.
  • Review MMCD drawings and municipal specific specs.
  • Motivate, train and mentor crews. Delegate work but check up on it. Write up if required.
  • Ensure crew are looking after and maintaining tools. Ensure site and tools are secured at the end of the day. - Book inspectors
  • Daily detailed site specific note taking.

Split with Senior Foreman if there is one on the job:

  • Truck, gravel, spoil, and material deliveries ordering
  • Should know how much gravel needed
  • Layout, testing, subs and inspections
  • Call flaggers with Superintendent help if needed
  • Assign person to review QC forms if required
  • Advising Project Manager