Civil Infrastructure
Excavation & Shoring

Senior Foreman

We are looking for a competent Construction Foreman to coordinate operations and oversee workers at our construction sites. As the point of reference of both workers and supervisors, you will be a key person for the completion of our projects.

Ensure all tasks completed safely. Get crew to believe in and implement safety system.

  • COMMUNICATE; problems, site instructions, stripping depths, observations, incidents.
  • COMPLETE work on budget, on schedule, and to required level of quality (right first time)

Same tasks as crew foremen listed below, plus following:

  • Coordinate all crews/FM on assigned site
  • Stay on site, get out of truck, get out of office as much as possible
  • Complete whatever site paperwork is required
  • Plan ahead with PM, Super, crew foremen 2-3 weeks
  • Know what’s on the drawings in detail
  • Review MMCD drawings and municipal specific specs
  • Ask PM if not sure on contract conditions
  • Motivate, train and mentor crews. Delegate work but check up on it. Write up if required
  • Timesheet completion and in on time. DEWS
  • Daily detailed site specific note taking
  • Book subs ahead of time, including minor subs eg testing, layout, etc. Request assistance if needed
  • Book inspectors

Divide tasks with crew foremen if working on one site. The Senior Foreman generally takes over responsibility for:

  • Truck, gravel, spoil, and material deliveries ordering
  • Should know how much gravel needed
  • Layout, testing, subs, and inspections
  • Assign person to review QC forms if required
  • Advising Project Manager