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Project Coordinator

Construction project coordinators plan, organize, and direct the activities of a construction project, under the direction of a general manager. You will work on-site most of the time, looking after the day-to-day responsibilities of the project.

Project Coordinator:

  • Ensure all tasks completed safely
  • Communicate with Superintendent & Project Manager
  • Know the Drawings and contract
  • Ensure work is being undertaken safely.  Highlight areas of safety and financial risk to FM.
  • Materials take off and order
  • Coordinate subcontractors and suppliers
  • Material take off.
  • As project progresses, gravel quantities, spoil quantities, other material quantities
  • Know methodology planned and budget adopted during bid. Keep track.
  • Know what is not included in bid. When an extra comes up or see coming up, talk to the PM.
  • Review methodology and production to ensure meeting budget expectations and contract requirements.
  • Track/record all gravel and spoil imports. Update crew on amounts of budget used.
  • Plan ahead full duration of project with superintendent and foreman so avoid obstructions/delays.
  • Review work being undertaken with foreman to ensure extras are picked up.  Communicate extras to owner/engineer.
  • When dealing with novice owners then need to be hands-on coordinating with engineer and owner to make sure decisions made and project-wide tasks are accomplished.
  • Check that QC tests and inspections are being undertaken.  Ensure QC lists being ticked off if required.
  • Remind Superintendent/FM of important tasks, critical items, methodologies. Advise Super of any troubles noted.

PC check list including but not limited to:

  • Ensure BC1 call up to date.
  • Process change orders/site instructions and update full sets of drawings.


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