Civil Infrastructure

Pipe Layer

Pipe Layers main responsibilities are to help the foreman and crew to align, position, and install pipe in accordance with project specifications. Once the pipe has been properly installed, the Pipe Layer should help the operator ensure back fill and compaction around pipe is done efficiently for the positioning and support of the installed pipe. Pipe Layers should be comfortable in confined spaces, always work safely around utilities, promote a safe work environment adhering to safety policies and procedures including participation in daily safety meetings.

Pipe Layer responsibilities include

  • Work with the Foreman and other team members to interpret drawings and specifications
  • Setting and using laser-levels, installation of utilities and civil components, excavating and backfill of structures and road building
  • Ability to work collaboratively as a team member and equally motivated working independently
  • Worker must be able to spend most or all shift standing, walking, lifting and carrying, working hands-on in an outdoor environment in all types of weather
  • Experience coordinating with grade-men, equipment operators and foreman
  • Experience with laser levels and locators
  • Setting elevations and grades for roads, underground utilities and site prep
  • Installing civil utility components such as pipes and manholes to establish electrical, water, sanitary sewer, and storm systems
  • Aligning, positioning and sealing pipes
  • Coordination of pipe routes in accordance to technical drawings and specifications
  • Working in confined spaces such as trenches, manholes, etc.
  • Operating small machinery, equipment and tools such as compactors, rollers, etc
  • Civil crews should hold the highest level of safety in their work day including setup of equipment, safety checks, and all required paperwork

Work is done in a safe manner.  Worker understands and abides by the Matcon Health & Safety Plan