Excavation & Shoring


Matcon is actively seeking Nozzlemen who are experienced in all aspects of Shoring and Shotcrete construction. Having good leadership skills, the ability to help direct the work of others and make quick decisions are necessary when stepping into this role. Nozzlemen should have a good understanding of how a shotcrete pump works and be able to give clear signals to the operator. A Nozzlemen's work is physically challenging, so it is required that you are fit and can manage the demands of the job.

Nozzleman Responsibilities Include

  • Worker must be able to spend most or all shift standing, walking, lifting and carrying, working hands-on in an outdoor environment in all types of weather
  • The skill set to think on their feet and make quick decisions
  • Experience operating a shotcrete pump
  • Experience in a lead hand position
  • Work as a team with other crew members on daily activities of the site
  • Understanding of the weather impact on shotcrete operations in order to maintain quality results of work to be done
  • Work with the Foreman and other team members to understand shoring drawings and build to spec
  • Shoring crews should hold the highest level of safety in their work day including setup of equipment, safety checks, and all required paperwork
  • A good understanding of various shotcrete mix designs and their impact on the pump

Work is done in a safe manner.  Worker understands and abides by the Matcon Health & Safety Plan