Graymont Pavilion Plant

The demolition and dismantling of equipment at Graymont shuttered Pavilion plant was completed during 2018.

Graymont Western Canada Inc.
Cache Creek

As part of Graymont Western Canada’s decommissioning and reclamation of the Pavilion Lime Plant, Matcon was contracted to remove and dispose of all existing structures involving:

  • Preparation of a site-specific Health & Safety Plan and Environmental Protection Plan for the project;
  • Mobilization of all heavy equipment/supplies to remote site, north of Lillooet.
  • Removal and off-site disposal of hazardous materials prior to demolition works.
  • Removal of asbestos containing material from within a pre-heater with use of robotic demolition.
  • Explosive Demolition of structural steel to speed up project timeframe
  • Demolition of over 20 various structures and features, with all debris and scrap steel removed from site for disposal;
  • Demolition of over 2000 M3 of concrete foundations, with material crushed for re-use as aggregate off-site;