Rock Stabilization

Matcon provides design assistance, specialized equipment and expert technicians that can access and install your next rockfall protection system in the most difficult rope access terrains, confined areas and tunnels in Canada.

Design, Build, Execution and Emergency Response

Our Rock Stabilization team is capable of supporting any project at any point in the process. From conceptualization to build as well as safety and emergency rescue.

Design and Build

The design-build model of collaboration between the designer and the installation contractor can expedite projects in the stabilization field. Matcon Rock Stabilization provides expertise to project owners while working closely with qualified engineers. Our management team has assisted on numerous high profile projects to find the right solution in a timely and economical manner.

Rock Bolts

Rock bolts and rock dowels are long anchor bolts, installed to stabilize all types of rock cuts. The anchor transfers load from the unstable exterior, to the much stronger interior of the rock mass. Our drilling operations support passive rock dowels, tensioned rock bolts, double-corrosion protection (DCP) and soil nails in all geological formations.

Rock Scaling

Rock scaling is generally defined as the removal of loose rock from slopes. Scaling is done by removing loose surface material presenting a rockfall hazard. Matcon’s rock technicians have challenged some of the most treacherous terrain throughout Western Canada with unstable cuts exceeding 600 vertical feet.

Rope Rescue

Matcon has become the first stabilization company to ensure that our technicians are also certified in Rope Rescue Operations. This ensures that evacuation of injured workers is completed in a timely and safe manner. Emergency Response whether residential, highway, railway or on any construction project, day or night, can be achieved. Preparedness is a feature Matcon Rock Stabilization takes pride in.

Slope Mesh

Slope mesh & rockfall barriers are protection systems are structures designed to protect areas around a slope from falling rocks. These systems can include mesh or cable nets, barriers, fences and catchment areas. The protection still allows rock to fall but can stop a rock, control its trajectory, reduce its energy and/or provide a catchment.

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