Excavation & Shoring

Seymour Village Phase 6

Matcon successfully executed excavation and shoring for the Seymour Village Phase 6 residential project, navigating challenges near active townhome communities with a focus on safety and minimal neighborhood impact.

North Vancouver

Matcon's involvement in the Seymour Village Phase 6 residential development comprised essential excavation and shoring tasks, including paving a truck staging area, bulk/detail excavation of 58,000m3, and installing 22,000sf of 4-inch shotcrete shoring, 1,200sf of 8-inch shotcrete shoring, 650lf of pipe piles, and 13,000ft of tieback anchors.

A unique challenge was the proximity to active townhome communities, necessitating careful management of traffic, noise, and dust to mitigate the impact on the neighborhood during construction.