Excavation & Shoring

3619 - 3681 Arbutus Street

Matcon successfully navigated unique challenges, including Vancouver's winter weather and absorbent sandy soils, to complete bulk excavation and shoring, managing running groundwater and implementing face-saving measures within budget and on time.


Matcon has been tasked with the bulk excavation and shoring, involving the excavation of approximately 16,000 m3 of soils and around 13,000 SF of Shotcrete shoring, complete with conventional tie-back anchors.

The project faced unique challenges, particularly due to Vancouver's typical winter weather, presenting weekly difficulties in excavation and shoring operations. The sandy silty soils, highly absorbent to the point of saturation, required constant monitoring and management of soil water conditions in collaboration with PCI, Ventana, and GeoPacific. Overcoming challenges posed by running groundwater, the shoring crews implemented face-saving measures, utilizing smaller shotcrete panels and additional materials to ensure the structural integrity of vertical trimmed walls.

Despite these adversities affecting both the shoring budget and schedule, Matcon's experienced crews, led by veteran Charlie Oed, successfully applied their expertise to complete the project on time and within budget.